Tuesday, 18 January 2011

How to make a transfer

Tools and Materials

- Pdf image by Take Your Picture
- Computer and ink-jet printer

- Iron-on transfer paper

- Scissors or craft knife

- Canvas tote,pillow t-shirt

Iron-on transfer paper is available at crafts or office-supply stores.

1) Upload your pdf image to a computer.
2) Print the photo onto a sheet of iron-on transfer paper and cut out with a pair of scissors or craft knife. You may choose to cut out the entire image or just the subject's silhouette for a different effect.
3) Iron the image onto a canvas tote,pillow,t.shirt ect according to the paper manufacturer's instructions.

Detailed instructions
Follow these steps please,

- Look for the transfer paper for the shirt color you plan to use. If a white or light pink t-shirt, use light transfer paper, if black or dark blue t-shirt, use dark transfer paper. Once you found the transfer paper for your t-shirt, you are ready to make your own shirt.

- Make sure that you print the transfer on the correct side of the page. This should be clearly marked.

- The transfer paper will specify which type of printer to use, but usually a laser printer is not suitable.

- Avoid wasting the new t-shirt and try the transfer in old t-shirt.

- Trim the transfer around the image so it's easier to see where you are placing it on the material.

- Put the material in place on the hard surface.

- Position the transfer on the material, exactly where you want it to be in the end.

- Turn on your iron and let it heat up. The transfer, or transfer paper should give instructions as to how hot it should be. Most transfers will need a very hot iron, and a lot of pressure. However if it's too hot, you can melt the transfer and ruin the image. Also read the   
  instructions provided about how long to keep the iron on the image.

- You should keep the iron moving in large circles. Concentrate on the edges of the image first and work your way in to the centre.

- When cold, peel away gently. To do it beforehand could make the image move around or crack.

- Now that you have transferred the image successfully, you will want to keep it perfect. Always wash and dry the material on a cool setting, and if it is clothing, turn it inside out before washing.

This is all
For images to create a transfer please see the post in this blog "Try to make a transfer" or visit my Etsy Shop at the link below:

Thank you very much 

Take Your Picture

Click here to download the Guide "How To Make A Transfer " in Pdf format at 300dpi.
How to Make a Transfer

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