Saturday, 12 March 2011

Treasury List n°10 "Comics & More"by CustomComicShop

Thank you very much CustomComicShop for including myDigital Comic Expressions Collage Sheet.

This is the treasury list created by CustomComicShop :

Here you can buy this item :

CustomComicShop on Etsy loves create funny custom comic book:

Good luck CustomComicShop for your Art and Shop!!!:)

Take Your Picture


  1. You are very welcome, Take your Picture! I absolutely LOVE the digitals and see you going places with this! We'll add you to our blog as well. It's always a good thing, to see such creativity, yet it's a simple concept. WTG!!

  2. Thank you so much CustomComicShop for your wonderful comment.
    I love your art and work.
    With creativity I have found wonderful worlds!!!
    Also your!!!:)
    Thanks again and god luck for your art and shop!!!!