Friday, 18 March 2011

Art Nouveau Frame N°1

The Art Nouveau had its beginning in 1890.
The name comes from a shop in Paris, "Art Nouveau Bing, " which opened in 1895 by Siegfried "Samuel" Bing, who sported some of the objects of innovative design,  from the Far East, including furniture, textiles, carpets and various art objects.
The movement has its roots in Anglo-Saxon ideology of Arts and Crafts aesthetic, which had placed the emphasis on free
creation of the craftsman, as the only alternative to the mechanization and mass production of aesthetic objects of dubious value.

I have colored the same frame in three different color (black,antique red and olive)always in 300 dpi for best quality print and now in jpeg.
Thanks at all!!!

Spring is coming....

Even flowers have their own intrinsic ability to communicate depending on the type, variety and color that distinguishes them.
These values ​​were attributed to the flowers over the centuries by poets and legends handed down from generation to generation.
This beautiful illustration comes from an ancient book of botany.
I hope you like it.